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E 3

Motormanagementsystem für Gas-Motoren

Motormanagementsystem für Gas-Motoren mit integrierten Drehzahlregler, Zündung, Lambdaregelung, Motorüberwachung mit Schnittstelle zur easYgen-Serie.


Abgaswerte werden mit Lambdasonde oder über Kennlinienfeld (kW, MAP, MAT) eingehalten.


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Position-, Speed-, Air/Fuel Ratio (Lambda) Control

Parametrierbarer Regler mit maßgeschneiderten Optionen für kleinere Diesel- und Gasmotoren. Mit der L-Serie können Sie die Drehzahl, Regelparameter, Füllstartbegrenzung, Start/Stop-Verhalten u.v.m. per kostenloser Software parametrierbar (L-Series Service Tool). Parametrierzwischenstecker 8923-1061 nötig. Passende Venturidüsen und Adapterplatten für jeden Einsatzzweck lieferbar.


Mögliche Optionen sind:


- Position Controller (externe Steuerung, z.Bsp. Woodward E3, steuert die Klappenstellung direkt)

- Speed Control (L-Serie Regelt selbstständig die Drehzahl, Pickup-Eingang an der L-Serie vorhanden)

  • ITB (mit Integrierter Gemischregel-Klappe 25….50mm Durchmesser)
  • LC-50 (ITB inkl. O/X-Mix Venturi zur Gas-Luftgemisch Einstellung mit fester Schraube / weitere L-Serie)

- Process Control kann selbstständig die Lambda-Regelung übernehmen. Ein Eingang für Sprungsonde oder Weitbereichssonde (über Umsetzer 0…5V) möglich. Aufbau auf LC-50 Mixer möglich.

- Ersatzsteller für Stanadyne-Dieselpumpen mit L-Serie sind erhältlich (Barber Colman DYNC 70025 - Ersatz).

L-Series Air_Fuel Ratio Control_03255_E.pdf


L-Series Position Controller_03328_B.pdf


L-Series Speed Control_03225_H.pdf


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Aktuator für Gasgemischregelung für Motoren bis 500kW

Woodward’s F-Series is either a stand-alone actuator or a combination actuator + throttle body (Integrated Throttle Body [ITB]) with integral electronics. Three versions comprise the product line:

  • F-Series Modular Actuator
  • F-Series Throttle (FST)
  • F-Series Throttle Plus (FSTP)

As part of a total control system, the integral electronics position the throttle according to the command of a separate engine control unit (ECU), and provide position feedback to the ECU. When the CANbus communications interface is used, the electronics also provide diagnostic information to the ECU.

The robust, bi-directional F-Series actuator uses LAT (Limited Angle Torque) motor technology to drive the actuator to position very quickly. Slew rates are on the order of 80 mSec, compared to 160 mSec or more for competing technologies. The actuator can accept a PWM, J1939 CAN, 4-20 mA, or 0-5 Vdc position demand signal.

F-Series is designed to be engine-mounted for various position control functions on reciprocating engines and is ideal for on-highway vehicles and stationary gaseous-fueled generators or pumps. The electric actuator requires no hydraulics, pneumatics, grease or gear train and is therefore highly reliable. And, it’s integral electronics eliminate the need for a separate dedicated driver box.



F-Series ITB_ProdSpec_03344_B.pdf


F-Series Modular Actuator_ProdSpec_03345_ A.pdf


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DPC 5417-557


Schneller Positionsregler mit Integrierter Regler und Leistungsteil für grosse Gasmotoren

ProAct Digital Plus Actuator

The ProAct™ Digital Plus actuator controls varying functions such as fuel rack positioning, timing control, throttle valve, and wastegate positioning, among others. The actuator is effectively a positioner with an integral driver that will accept a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control. Its integral digital driver is capable of controlling the actuator, communicating with the outside control system, and containing on-board software and intelligence to realize monitoring and customizing functions. The actuators accept PWM or CAN position command signals and can be configured for redundant command signals. The Digital Plus driver is field programmable, allowing a single design to be used in many different applications.


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Schneller Drehzahlregler mit Integrierter Regler und Leistungsteil für grosse Gasmotoren.

ProAct ISC Integrated Speed Control

ProAct™ ISC combines the proven ProAct electric actuator with integrated speed control software to control the speed of diesel and gaseous fuel engines. ProAct ISC is a microprocessor-based speed control incorporated into an actuator, creating a single integrated actuator/speed control. This eliminates the need for an additional driver box and speed control box. ProAct ISC can also be configured as a position control only device for basic actuator applications, accepting 4–20 mA, 0–5V, -3V to +3V, or CAN position command signals.

Der PISC ist in 3 verschiedenen Grössen (Drehmoment) erhältlich.

ProAct ITB Integrated Throttle Body

The ProAct™ ITB integrated actuator and throttle body is designed to throttle air or air/fuel for gaseous engines. With bore sizes ranging from 85mm to 180mm, ProAct ITBs are designed for use with engines in the 1 MW to 2 MW range. The electromagnetic actuator has 75 degrees of travel, which alleviates the problems associated with linkages on gas engines (such as setup, non-linearity, and wear). This direct combination of throttle and actuator results in excellent stability and transient characteristics, and is designed for direct replacement of traditional throttle valves.

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Barber Colman Aktuatoren

DYNA 8000, DYNA 8200, and DYNA 8400 governor systems provide engine governing for speed and power control of piston and gas turbine engines or steam and water turbines. The system components are a rotary actuator and an electronic controller.

The DYNA 8000 and DYNA 8400 hazardous duty actuators are UL listed for Class I, Division 2, Group D, hazardous duty applications that are often encountered in the petroleum or chemical industries.



The actuator consists of an electromagnet with an iron armature rolling on the center shaft bearings. The actuator is provided with a return spring which balances the magnetic force of the armature. When DC current flows in the coil, the magnetic force moves the armature in the stator and this linear motion is transformed into rotary motion through a crank arm that forms part of the output shaft.



The electronic controller is the information processing unit of the governor assembly. It contains electronic components which process the input signal from the magnetic pickup to command the engine to the desired speed/RPM set into the controller. Electronic adjustments are available on the controller for field adjusting the unit as necessary.

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APECS Controller

Motorsteuergerät für kleine Motoren

Advanced electronics in APECS 4500 provide maximum control and optimal engine performance. Adaptive features include autocrank, droop governing, glow plug control, and analog input (remote speed pot). CAN/J1939 bus interface allows communication and diagnostics among engine components.

The APECS 4500 controller is integrated into commercial and construction vehicles, and industrial engine systems and compressors by original equipment manufacturers and industrial plants. It is also suitable for low speed (<25 km/h [16 mph]) non-consumer off-highway vehicles. Typical applications include generator sets, compressors, construction machinery, and farm vehicles.

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DPG Speed Controller

digitaler Drehzahlregler

Woodward DPG digital controllers for diesel or gas-fueled engines perform across a wide speed range and allow adjustment of set speed and gain with a built-in user interface. Independent programmable proportional, integral, and derivative gains provide custom governor response to diverse engine applications. The COMM port provides access to all other controller settings, allowing adaptation to each application during service and initial configuration. Internal FAILSAFE reacts instantly to loss of engine speed signal and allows actuator to return to minimum fuel.

DPG 2100 Series and DPG 2200 Series controllers are used in genset applications. DPG 2300 Series controllers are used on off-highway vehicles.


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2301A / 2301D

Load Sharing and Speed Control

Standard, Dual Dynamics, or Temperature or Process Limiting

The 2301A Load Sharing and Speed Control with Temperature Limiting or Process Limiting, is used in electric generator systems for which load sharing is desired. It can be used with diesel or gas engines, or steam or gas turbines, and is compatible with all Woodward electronic controls.

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