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NDT - Non Destructive Testing

Röder Präzision is able to perform virtually all non destructive testing commonly performed in aviation. In addition to standard procedures such as magna flux and dye penetrant testing, special techniques such as delaminating testing using the shadow wave procedure are applied as well.


  • Magnaflux testing, MT, of components up to a length of 1,700 mm
  • Dye penetrant testing, PT, of components up to a length of 8,000 mm
  • Acid etch testing, NT, of components up to a length of 2,000 mm
  • Ultrasonic testing, UT
  • Eddy current testing, ET
  • Visual testing, VT

Special services

  • Instructions for testing are prepared and signed- off on our own responsibility
  • All relevant NDT procedures used in aviation available “under one roof”
  • Inspections can be performed at customer`s facilities (except for acid etch testing)