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In our state-of-the-art facilities finishing processes such as anodizing, hard chrome plating, cadmium plating or nickel plating provide for thorough surface protection for aerospace, automotive and mechanical engineering parts.


Mechanical pretreatment

  • Blasting (aluminium oxide/glass beads/steel balls)

Chemical Pretreatment

  • Degreasing, alkaline (steel/aluminium)
  • Degreasing, perchloric
  • Titanium etching

Electrolytic surface transformation

  • DC sulfuric anodizing
  • Coloring, black
  • Chromic acid anodizing
  • Titanium anodizing

Chemical surface transformation

  • Alodine (chemical film)
  • Passivation (stainless steel)
  • Black oxide/bluing
  • Phosphate bonding, manganese and zinc

Electrolytic and chemical metal separation

  • Cyanide copper plating
  • Sulfate/sulfamate, nickel plating
  • Chemical nickel plating
  • Hard chrome plating
  • Cadmium plating, semi-gloss, LHE
  • Cadmium plating of aluminium
  • Silver plating, technical
  • Selective plating, miscellaneous methods

Special services

  • Surface treatment according to universal specification standards for commercial  and military applications
  • Application of manufacturer's specifications issued by Messier-Dowty, Liebherr,  Rolls- Royce, EADS, Dornier and others
  • Smooth process flow through automated baths and procedures
  • In-house laboratory to permanently monitor bath consistency