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Röder Präzision GmbH

Established in 1922, Röder Präzision is one of the major maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations in the German aerospace industry today. The company has a work force of more than 300 and facilities at Egelsbach Airfield, in Frankfurt and Alsfeld.

Our services range from the repair of virtually all components for aircraft of various types to spare part distribution and sales and aircraft trading. Röder Präzision is active in the fields of general aviation, commercial aviation, air transport and defense. The diversity of the company’s aerospace services is outstanding in Europe.

Most of the jobs are performed in-house. Thus, Röder Präzision is the only company in Germany providing full overhaul capabilities for aircraft up to 5.7 tons at its own facilities.

The diversity and high quality of our services are mainly due to the commitment of our highly qualified staff and the many years of experience gained in the aerospace sector. Continual development of the technologies applied and appropriate staff training also contribute to maintaining our high standards. All these factors ensure consistent customer orientation and enable us to better satisfy individual wishes and needs. They also inspire trust, which, in the aerospace sector in particular, is indeed a question of precision.